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2020 The Other Side of Film

Analyzes the difference between shooting on film VS. digitally


2018 Black Swan Rhetorical Analysis

Discusses how supernatural tropes are used to enhance the surrealism of Darren Aronofsky's Black Swan 

Creative Writing 

2020 Kafkaesque

Clippings of a feature length screenplay about a girl with schizophrenia who is locked in a mental institution until she is manipulated to escape in order to find out the truth about what happened to her.


2020 It's Time

2 men from the mafia breaks into the house of a young girl in order to take back what her parents stole from them. Can a 13 year old save the day?

2019 Anosognosia

An abusive mother blames her daughter for her son's death.

2019 End It

A mentally unstable, schizophrenic teenager decides to shoot up her school because of the injustices it brought upon her. End It was made shortly after the Parkland shooting and acts as a commentary on why gun control laws need to be made stricter.

2019 A Memoir of a Monachopsis Mind

A teenage girl deals with her crippling depression

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