Remembering Joy

SkillsUSA Award Winner/ Emmy Award Winner

Teenage suicide and the sense of loss it generates for families are topics never easy to discuss and even more difficult to capture on film.  "Remembering Joy" is Charli's tribute to a surviving sister and the emotional exercises she utilizes to provide perspective and enable her to cope.  Competing as a high school freshman against all senior directors, Charli's was the only entry in this year's SkillsUSA Digital Cinema statewide competition to receive a perfect score.

In Our Eyes 

'In Our Eyes' focuses on tolerance from a kid’s point-of-view, Oiginally produced as a project for Camp Flix, it has had the benefit of being screened at three theaters to date. The short was screened at the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival, often the world's largest Jewish film festival, and Charli is their youngest director in history. She had the honor of speaking at the screenings. 

Official Selection of AJFF

End It.

Fulton County Film Festival Award Winner

No contemporary teenager attends school without the thoughts and fears of a life-threatening attack from an intruder.  The idea of mentally unstable individuals obtaining guns is a constant threat under which all young people live. These themes are scrutinized from the ‘inside’ in Charli’s film ‘End It.,’ an examination into these topical concerns. As an added challenge, for submission with the Fulton County Film Festival, the storyline required a specific character name, prop and line of dialogue.

A Memoir of a Monachopsis Mind

Part of an Emmy Award Winning Compilation

For her portrayal as a physically, mentally drained high school student, actress Ellie Dover won a southeastern Student Emmy Award for Best Talent. As Cinematographer, Charli utilized a series of fast lenses to represent each of the four emotions Ellie’s character reveals, a decision that also lead to Charli’s second Emmy. Though 19 U.S. regions are represented, Charli’s compilation video has been selected as one of five nominees for this year’s national Emmy competition in the Director category.

Brute Force 

Tackling today’s controversial topics of racism and sexism, 'Brute Force' imagines a scenario where victims of these stereotypes are pitted against each other. Charli assumed this project as director, editor and co-writer. Cast members were encouraged to improvise the dialogue, making it feel rooted in reality; this provides an emotional impact that cannot be denied. The film won the 2018 southeastern Student Emmy Award for Best Short Form Fiction.

Emmy Award Winner / Official Selection of Indie Grits Film Festival


It’s true, no art form is more collaborative than that of film. To serve the making of this ambitious Camp Flix project, Charli served as both Cinematographer and Gaffer for ‘Onithad,’ a visually vibrant perspective on teenage relationships, their pitfalls and potential resolutions. Over the course of the film, focus on the color schemes and various aesthetics representing time periods within the 6:44 narrative.

Powerade Power My School

Part of an Emmy Award Winning Compilation / Powerade Contest Winner

‘Coordination’ is a term often reserved for athletes with physical dexterity and talents, but the word also accurately describes Charli’s efforts in serving as Director, Writer, co-Cinematographer, and Editor of Roswell High School’s winning entry within Powerade’s Power Your School national competition. Prize money of $2,000 was divided between the school’s athletic department and film department.


Check out any American cineplex these days and you'll almost certainly find a film adaptation of a classic movie or book.  Charli has accomplished both in her video interpretation of Emma Donoghue's "Room." that she made as a book report for her english class. Set almost entirely within a single, confining space, the narrative centers on a twenty-something mother and the young son she's determined to raise.  This powerful story proves how love can still conquer all, within any environment.

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