Remembering Joy

Being the older sister, Caylyn often neglects her younger sibling. After her little sister Melanie commits suicide, Caylyn blames herself for ignoring the signs. She writes Melanie a letter expressing remorse and apologies.

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A Memoir of a Monachopsis Mind

This film details the emotional mental problems a typical high schooler may face. The main character could be anyone. You never kn ow what they are going through. here are the inner thoughts of today's teenager.

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Brute Force

'Brute Force' imagines a scenario where victims of racism and sexism,  are pitted against each other.  A group undergoes a social experiment where they are forced to discuss topics most of us are too afraid to tackle.


Based on the book and film, this is set almost entirely within a single, confining space, the narrative centers on a twenty-something mother and the young son she's determined to raise.  

End It.

No contemporary teenager attends school without the thoughts and fears of a life-threatening attack from an intruder.  The idea of mentally unstable individuals obtaining guns is a constant threat under which all young people live. These themes are scrutinized from the ‘inside’ in Charli’s film ‘End It.,’ an examination into these topical concerns. 

In Our Eyes

''In Our Eyes is short created in order to focuses on religious tolerance from a kid’s point-of-view. in less than three minuets it delves into both the positive and negative sides of a belief.


‘Onithad,’ a visually vibrant perspective on teenage relationships, their pitfalls and potential resolutions. Over the course of the film, focus on the color schemes and various aesthetics representing time periods within the 6:44 narrative.

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