A Memoir of a Monachopsis Mind

Year: 2019

Awards: Nominated for a Student Emmy in the Best Writing category, Student Emmy award winner in the Best Talent category, as well as being a part of a Student Emmy Award Winning compilation in the Best Director category.

My Position: Director, Cinematographer, Co-Writer, and Editor

CastEllie Dover

For her portrayal as a physically, mentally drained high school student, actress Ellie Dover won a southeastern Student Emmy Award for Best Talent. As Cinematographer, Charli utilized a series of fast lenses to represent each of the four emotions Ellie’s character reveals, a decision that also lead to Charli’s second Emmy. Though 19 U.S. regions are represented, Charli’s compilation video has been selected as one of five nominees for this year’s national Emmy competition in the Director category and went on to win.

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