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     Everyone has a tether tied around their waist that keeps them connected to their destiny.  It could be a person, a place, an event or, in my case, the passion of filmmaking. 

It first attached itself to me at the ripe, young age of two. The lights went dark, a button was pushed, and the words 

“Premiere Tonight

Biggest Picture of 1927

Don Lockwood & Lina Lamont 


The Royal Rascal”

appeared on the screen as Singin’ in the Rain began. My eyes widened as I was pulled into the beauty and vibrancy of the cinematography, drawn to the wondrous music and, most of all, enthralled by the passion transmitted off the screen and into my budding heart. It was the first time I was part of something; it felt like I was home. That’s all it took... I was head-over-heels in love.

     I found my passion early because my father, a fellow film fanatic, raised me on cinema. I learn about the world by watching people from different eras and walks of life figure themselves out. Through them, I am able to define who I want to be and work on becoming that person. Each time I meet new characters, I learn more about myself, feel the tether pull tighter and know that my destiny is making others feel this same way through directing. 

     Nothing defines me more than the 70’s and 80’s; their creativity and compelling characters influenced the films I want to make. Inspired by the grittiness of this era, I am driven to understand the human condition by exploring the psyches of characters placed in extreme situations. I apply my personal, realistic spin to situations in order for the audience to see the light in their own lives. I prove ultimate beauty derives from ultimate pain, and I want the audience to vicariously experience the full extent of both.



Tel: (770) - 630 - 3577


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